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6. January 2011


Next week we will be releasing our multi-form feature that will enable users to setup and run several different feedback forms at the same time. The core of the new function is the Feedback Form Wizard that guides you through creation and editing. This will create a much more powerful customer feedback system by allowing you to more finely tailor your feedback forms to individual pages.

How can you benefit from it? Our dissatisfaction algorithm is well known because of its uniqueness in the industry. Not so well known though is that you can setup and detect dissatisfaction from your custom questions as well. This isn’t a new feature; it’s been hidden there all along;). Here are some examples or ways you can detect satisfaction or dissatisfaction on specific pages:

  • What do you think of our new site design? (Home page)
  • What do you think of our new FAQs page? (Faqs page)
  • How helpful is our knowledgebase? (knowledgebase pages)
  • How easy was it to complete that transaction? (Transaction complete page)

Powerful stuff! Our new multi forms feature combined with our dissatisfaction algorithm lets you really fine tune your customer feedback analysis.

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