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The Webreep Model

The Webreep Model is a framework used to measure quality of website experience. The model consists of four key dimensions of quality that have been identified to directly affect website visitor satisfaction. Satisfaction, the holy grail of Marketing, directly influences loyalty and referral. The model was developed by Dr Brent Coker, a leading expert in web analytics from the University of Melbourne. The Webreep model has been rigorously tested in the website feedback tool for reliability and nomological validity, and the questions comprising the model have captured significant amounts of variance with strong psychometric properties.

The Webreep Model
Figure 1: the Webreep Model (Coker, 2007)

A key strength of the Webreep model is parsimony - it is able to measure website visitors' quality of experience in the website feedback tool with extreme accuracy using minimum questions. The model was specifically developed with leanness in mind in order to maximize response rates from the website feedback tool.

The model is characterized by "dimensions" and "facets" of website quality. Each dimension of website experience satisfaction has one or two facets. The dimensions include: Ease of Navigation, Content Quality, Trust, and Site Performance. The facets shaping each dimension include: Ease of Use (navigation), ease of search (navigation), quality of information (content), relevancy of information (content), sense of trustworthiness (trust), page load (performance), and website attractiveness (performance).

The Webreep system and website feedback tool implements the Webreep model automatically. However, you do have the freedom to disable any dimension, or even add to the model by writing your own customized questions. Plus plans and up include advanced reporting of the Webreep model, including real time regression weights enabling you to monitor which Webreep dimensions are having the biggest impact on satisfaction, and how strongly satisfaction is impacting loyalty.


Webreep Structural Equation Model

The Webreep Structural Equation Model

The structural equation model on the left gives you some indication of how much impact each dimension has on satisfaction, and how strongly website experience satisfaction affects loyalty and likelihood of referral. The standardized regression weights in the Webreep Structural Equation Model on the left suggest that Trust (.53) and Content Quality (.42) have the strongest impact on Satisfaction, followed by Performance (.31) and Navigation (.16). The model shows that website experience Satisfaction has extremely strong effects on Likelihood of Referral (.77) and Loyalty (.80). (sourced from the Webreep website feedback tool)